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At SurfBreak Fiji we surf not only the best surf spots in Fiji we will also take you to some breaks only known by the locals.  Read about the awesome surf spots below and watch some raw surfing vids on our Fiji surf video blog page. Vinaka!

The world famous Cloudbreak is a complex wave located on a sheltered reef/bombora break that has consistent surf. The best wind direction is from the southwest.
Set over shallow reef and boasts thick fast barrelling lefts. Waves can hit different parts of the reef at a number of angles. Excellent waves for the advanced
Restaurants can be one of the most perfect waves on earth. With the ideal wave size 3 to 8 feet. It is an exposed reef break that only works when conditions are just right. Works best in offshore winds from the east southeast. Medium to high tide are essential to cover up the dangerous reef that is just below. Waves are typically half the size of Cloud break and requires larger swell to work, but when it does you will enjoy one of the best lefts anywhere. Restaurants - Surf Break Fiji
Located on the left side of Navula passage, left hand hollow barrelling over reef. Located in the middle of the ocean not often visited by most so great place to get the waves all to yourself. It forecast says 6 to 7 foot Mini’s will be head high and perfect. Surf here is great with waves on average 150 days a year. Best wind direction is southwest, best tide is high tide. Mini is loads of fun.Minis Surf spot - Surf break Fiji
Located in the Mamanucas and is a right-hand reef break that has pretty consistent surf, although a little smaller in summer. It’s great for natural footers and those desperate for a right hand reef break. Best around high tide. Swimming Pools - Surf Break Fiji
Just south of Mini’s and not far from the lighthouse. Not very consistent but when it breaks it is for the crazies and pros!! This is a hollow and lightning fast powerhouse rights and lefts. You have to be lucky to see this one working, and when it is lucky to see someone crazy enough to ride it.Lighthouse - Surf Spots - Surf Break Fiji
Namotu Lefts breaks year round, located in the Mamanucas is an exposed reef break that has reasonably consistent surf. Groundswells more frequent than wind swells and the best swell direction is from the southwest. When it is less than 6 ft it will even suit longboards. Best around high tide. Even when there are waves, it's not likely to be crowded. Namotu Lefts - Surf Spots - Surf Break Fiji
Wilkes Pass is a fun right hander, great for most level of surfers. It is an exposed reef break that has reasonably consistent surf, although summer tends to be much smaller. The best wind direction is from the northeast. A right hand reef and when really working sheer perfection peeling off into the safety of the deep channel. Best around high tide. A fairly popular wave that can sometimes get crowded Beware of rips and rocks.Wilkes - Fiji Surf Spots - Surf Break Fiji
Situated outside of the Barrier Reef, pretty consistent, even if the swell is small and other surf spots are flat we can usually still get a wave here. Desperations is a fast wave and works best with the wind direction from the east. Best tide is high tide. Desperations has a few peaks with both lefts and rights. When the surf is small at other spots Desperations is usually our best bet. Speedy and nice hollow sections.Desperations - Fiji Surf Spots - Surf Break Fiji
Located at the back of Tavarua Island, great fun right hander, however can be quite challenging when it gets bigger. Best on a mid tide to high tide with little or no wind best.

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You’ll be on your way to surfing some of the best waves in the world. AWESOME!

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